Major concern on Farmers these days and how Cliff has come to help them

Agriculture is the backbone of any country. Farmers all over the world and across nations have been grappling with major concerns on what to consider for plantation, based on the needs and requirements of the nation, fertility of the land and the cost of plantation and the entire cost of agriculture. Though this was an easier decision to make for the entire world a few decades or months back, recently it has been surging downward and the trend seems to rely on the cost of the seed to be planted. For example soybeans have been quite costly for decades and would continue to be, though the seed and its extracts have multitude of proven health benefits. Do you know that the cost estimate of soy bean in the month of November has been $13.75, though it was at $11.7 in the month of February? It is also true that many farmers are reassessing their plans to devote more of their time and concern on to the plantation on Corn.

Cliff Ganschow has been lean towards the plantation of corn, not just for sentimental reasons, as the normal viable yield for cord could be around 180-200 bushels per acre and could yield four times the profits compared with soybean that yields typically 50 bushels per acre of land. Therefore even of Corn could yield something higher than $5 for one bushel, it is still a profitable contract compared to that of soybean. But the market seems to constantly send tempting signals to farmers as the contracts of sale between the two plantations seems to vary with seasons in terms of price and cost.

The most difficult element of modern day farming:

It is true that the most difficult part of modern day farming is no longer considered with the physical element, as the satellite controlled tractors, the planters, Cliff Ganschow on Linkedin the biotech seeds etc could yield six times the more capacity that what it was way back in the year 1970. In fact the current era has witnessed more easy and practical harvesting and plantation processes and the challenges for modern day farming have also seem to be lessened by practice and technological advancements. The most sickening challenge seems to be the high commodity prices and from tracking crop conditions to managing the buying intentions, the incredibly difficult marketing is the foremost hurdle faced by farmers of the modern era. And this task is only going to getting difficult and harder as complexity in farming as a result of globalization increases.

It is true that the harder part of farming these days is marketing, and this has been admitted by pioneers in the field such as Cliff himself. Though they extend their practices Cliff Ganschow on farming, generate loads of technique on them, marketing has remained the most complex task of all times. This is because, the market seems to send difficult signals every time, which gets the entire task complicated.  Cliff has been personally considering this task of marketing in farming and he is indeed pleased to announce new services that would address these concerns in the future years.


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